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The Mangystau region
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Kazakhstan's global competitiveness index for 2017-2018
Added: 27.02.2018
Changed: 25.04.2018
Viewed: 1428

On September 27, 2017 the report of the World Economic Forum on global competitiveness for 2017-2018 was published.

The Global Competitiveness Index is calculated from 114 indicators, of which 34 are calculated on the basis of statistical data, and the rest are estimated by managers of medium and large enterprises. Out of 114 indicators, 12 factors of competitiveness are derived, which in detail characterize the competitiveness of the countries of the world at different levels of economic development.

137 countries were assessed in the current ranking. Kazakhstan took the 57th place, losing 4 points in comparison with the last year's rating. So, among the CIS countries Kazakhstan ranks 3 rd place (57th place) after Azerbaijan (35th place) and Russia (38th place). Among the countries of the post-Soviet space, Kazakhstan is on the 5th place after Estonia (29th), Azerbaijan (35), Russia (38) and Latvia (54). Others are located below: Georgia (67th), Armenia (73), Tajikistan (79), Ukraine (81), Moldova (89), Kyrgyzstan (102nd).

The loss of indicators in the rating does not mean that our country does nothing, on the contrary, the country continues reforms of legislation aimed at developing the economy, labor market, business, simplification of administrative procedures. But at the same time, the events of the world as a whole are also influencing the rating, and other countries also do not stand still.

According to the new report in Kazakhstan, out of 114 indicators of the index, 26 indicators improved, deterioration - 72, 13 remained unchanged.

The authors of the report note some improvement in the competitiveness indicators among the countries of the Eurasian region. On average, improvement was noted for almost all factors of competitiveness, especially in terms of lowering inflation (the average decline across the countries of the region from 15.5% in 2016 to 8.2% in 2017), as well as strengthening the positions of the countries of the constituent region in terms of technological indicators preparedness, innovation and basic education.

Simultaneously, there is a decline in indicators for some factors, for example, the effectiveness of the labor market. In addition, the competitiveness of the Eurasian region remains below the global average, the authors of the report note. In particular, despite some progress achieved this year, the region still lags behind most economies in terms of infrastructure, macroeconomic conditions, financial development and innovative eco-system.

In conditions of low prices for manufactured goods, the authors of the report recommend that the countries of the Eurasian region accelerate reforms to diversify the economy and innovation.

According to the indicator "Number of days for starting a business", Kazakhstan took 54 place, having passed positions on 28 lines down. In fact, the number of days has not increased, here competition has become tougher. But according to the amendments made to the legislation from January 1, 2018, when registering an enterprise on-line, it will be possible to open a bank account and arrange insurance simultaneously, which will significantly reduce the number of days, and will also affect the number of procedures performed accordingly.

First of all, the report of the World Economic Forum allows the country participant to evaluate its work for the previous time and make adjustments for the future.

In general, the country is moving in the right direction, responding to global challenges in a timely manner, allowing to move forward, increasing the pace of development.

of Mangistau region
Трумов Серикбай Утелгенович