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What is the purpose of the global competitiveness index?
Added: 27.02.2018
Changed: 02.03.2018
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The global competitiveness index is the annual report of the World Economic Forum. The first report was released in 1979. Since 2004, the Global Competitiveness Report ranks countries on the basis of the Global Competitiveness Index.

The competitiveness index assesses the ability of countries to ensure a high level of well-being of their citizens, which primarily depends on how effectively the country uses the resources available. At the same time, to maintain a standard of living in a free market, it is usually necessary to improve labor productivity and quality of goods / services constantly.

Today, a system of ratings and rating agencies of a diverse range are mandatory components of international transactions. The rating system, being an independent expert, directly affects the dynamics of economic cooperation, forming an international image of the country. As the image of the state, so the investment issues depend on the level of its result. Ratings are assigned as a result of analytical reports, which are formed on the basis of long-term observations, specially developed methodologies, representing the current state of affairs.

The issue of the international rating of the country is actual and for modern Kazakhstan, which is especially interested in a high rating, for attraction of foreign investments. It should be noted that the country's rating is also an indicator of the effectiveness of the ongoing socio-economic reforms, so studying this problem will help to identify the weak and strong sides of economic development and prompt further course.

It is proposed that the Index should be used by states that seek to eliminate obstacles to economic development and competitiveness as a tool for analyzing the problems in their economic policies and developing strategies for achieving sustainable economic progress. Competitive advantages of Kazakhstan are health and primary education, as well as the macroeconomic environment. In addition, factors of labor market efficiency and higher education level are relatively competitive. The weakest positions of Kazakhstan include the following factors: institutions, innovations, business development and financial market development.

Competitiveness of the state is a fundamentally important issue for any country, characterizing the ability to improve the well-being of citizens in the conditions of international competition and globalization. Based on the special importance of the research topic, the goal of this work is to substantiate the feasibility and realism of the transition of the Kazakhstan economy from efficient to innovative, based on the assessment of the Global Competitiveness Index.

Kazakhstan in the reflection of the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum

The importance of reforms carried out within the framework of international ratings to improve the economic condition of Kazakhstan is quite high. The results of various ratings provide an opportunity to identify, classify problems and tasks, use them for effective strategic management of the state and the economy.

The main assessment of the country's competitiveness is based on the results of the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum (GCI WEF).

The GCI WEF is formed from 114 indicators, 34 of which are calculated from the results of statistical data, and the rest - based on the survey of managers of medium and large enterprises of the country. Out of 114 indicators, 12 factors of competitiveness are determined:

The quality of institutions.


Macroeconomic stability.

Health and primary education.

Higher education and professional training.

Efficiency of the services and commodity market.

Efficiency of the labor market.

Development of the financial market.

Level of technological development.

The size of the internal market.

Competitiveness of companies.

Innovation potential.

Thus, the assessment of the national competitiveness level depends more on the opinion of representatives of the business community and shows the tendencies of competitive development and growth of the country for the medium and long term.

All countries participating in the ranking are divided according to the stages of economic development.

Since 2012, Kazakhstan (as well as Russia) participates in the rating as a country with a transition economy from the second stage (the stage based on productivity) to the third stage of development (the stage based on innovations).

According to the results of the GCI WEF in 2014, Kazakhstan took the 50th place among 144 countries with an average ball of 4.42, retaining its position compared to last year.

Currently, the Ministry of National Economy, as coordinator of the GCI WEF, has developed a plan of measures to improve the indicators of the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum until 2016 (approved by the Minutes of the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 21, 2015 No. 18).

Responsibility for the indicators reflected in this Plan of Measures is assigned to a number of state bodies with competence, in particular, for the Ministries of the National Economy, for Investments and Development, Health and Social Development, Justice, Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Finance, Education and Science, national security, the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption and the National Bank.

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