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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
Added: 26.06.2015
Changed: 01.08.2018
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Main tasks, functions and rights of the Department:

10. The main tasks of the Department are:

1) implementation of state policy in the field of environmental protection;

2) organization of development and implementation of environmental protection and nature management programs in the Mangystau region, construction and reconstruction of environmental protection facilities;

3) implementation of environmental protection measures in the field of environmental protection;

4) regulation of natural resource management;

5) organization and conduct of environmental impact assessment;

6) comprehensive and objective study, generalization and analysis of the environmental situation in the region;

7) development of a sustainable system of financing environmental protection measures aimed at improving the state of the environment;

11. The Department performs the following functions:

1) to organize the development of programs coordinated with the authorized body in the field of environmental protection and other documents that provide for environmental protection and use of natural resources and their implementation in the relevant territories;

2) to carry out nature protection measures and regulation of nature use;

3) to take part in the development and approval of a plan for allocating funds for environmental and resource-saving measures for their financing and control;

4) to organize and conducts public procurement for environmental protection works;

5) to control, within its competence, the targeted and full use of funds allocated for environmental protection activities;

6) to develop and submit to the authorized body in the field of environmental protection investment projects in the field of environmental protection;

7) to organize the development of programs for waste management and ensure their implementation;

8) to monitor the volume of waste generation and develop measures and economic incentives aimed at reducing waste generation, increasing the level of their recycling or alternative use, and reducing the volume of waste to be disposed of;

9) to carry out construction and reconstruction of nature protection facilities;

10) to organize and conduct, within the limits of its competence, state ecological expertise of business entities;

11) to involve external experts (individuals and legal entities) who have licenses for the performance of work to provide services in the field of environmental protection for conducting expert work;

12) to organize public hearings during the conduct of the state environmental review and carry out the registration of the public environmental review;

13) to issue permits for emissions into the environment within its competence;

14) to calculate the rates of payment for environmental emissions;

15) to conduct the account of payers of compulsory payments for pollution of the environment;

16) to perform control over the protection of land and water areas granted for carrying out subsoil use operations for compliance with the rules of environmental safety by the subsoil user, preservation of archaeological monuments and other objects of historical and cultural heritage, within the limits of the competence given to them by legislative acts;

17) to approve in coordination with the competent central executive bodies, lists of geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological objects of the state nature reserve fund of local significance and subsoil plots representing a special ecological, scientific, cultural and other value, classified as specially protected natural areas of local importance;

18) to participate in negotiations with the subsoil user to resolve issues related to compliance with the environmental interests of the region's population when concluding a contract;

19) to conclude, registers contracts for exploration, production and joint exploration and production of common mineral resources and exercise control over the fulfillment of contract terms;

20) to organize open tenders, conduct direct negotiations and ensure the conclusion of contracts for the right of subsoil use;

21) to decide on granting natural resources to nature management in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

22) to provide operational guidance and control over the activities of subordinate bodies and organizations in the field of protection, reproduction and use of flora and fauna;

23) to develop, in coordination with the authorized body and implement regional programs for the protection, protection, use of forest resources, reproduction of forests and afforestation;

24) to organize and provide protection, protection, reproduction of forests and afforestation, regulate forest management on the territory of the state forest fund, which is in the functional competence;

25) to develop and implement the annual action plans for forest fire prevention and control in the territory of the State Forest Fund;

26) to make proposals on the creation of a reserve of fuel and lubricants for a fire hazardous season in the forest for extinguishing fires on the territory of the State Forest Fund;

27) to make proposals on programs for the development of specially protected natural areas, agree on the rationale for the creation of these territories;

28) to organize specially protected natural areas of local importance;

29) to ensure, in accordance with the established procedure, the reservation of land for specially protected natural areas;

30) to exercise state control over the state and activities of specially protected natural areas of local significance;

31) to submit to the appropriate state bodies, within its competence, proposals for establishing the regime of economic use of forests, rates of payments for forest use and use of specially protected natural areas under its jurisdiction;

32) to inform the public about the condition of water bodies located on the territory of the region;

33) to allocate places for the disposal of production and consumption waste polluting the atmospheric air, soil and water and water resources in coordination with local representative bodies, territorial units of the central executive body of the RoK in the field of environmental protection and the authorized body in the field of health;

34) to organize works on the establishment of water-protective zones, strips and zones of sanitary protection of drinking water supply sources in coordination with authorized bodies;

35) to develop rates of payment for the use of water resources of surface sources;

36) to distribute water use limits among water users;

37) to issue permits and conclude contracts for the use of forest and water resources within the limits of its competence;

38) to provide water facilities for separate and shared use in coordination with the authorized body in the field of use and protection of the water resources;

39) to take part in the work of basin councils and in the basin agreement;

40) to participate in the development of regional programs for the rational use and protection of water bodies, ensure their implementation;

41) to carry out the implementation of basin programs for the rational use and protection of water bodies;

42) to conduct scientific and practical events (conferences, seminars, meetings, round tables, symposiums and other events) aimed at improving the environmental situation, informing the public about environmental issues;

43) to perform work on the formation, accumulation and classification of the information database (computer, text);

44) to promote the development of environmental education, education and eco-tourism;

45) to organize informational and educational work in the field of environmental protection and nature management;

46) to provide information on the use of natural resources to the authorized body in the field of environmental protection within the framework of the Unified State System for Monitoring the Environment and Natural Resources;

47) to develop environmental quality targets within its competence;

48) to conduct research, analysis and forecasting of the environmental situation in the Caspian region of the Mangystau region;

49) to submit reports on the state of the environmental situation in the region and on other activities of the department;

50) to provide the provision of environmental information at the request of individuals and legal entities;

51) to suspend economic and other activities in court in case of violation of environmental requirements, and take appropriate measures;

52) to take decisions or submit proposals to higher authorities on the protection of environmental objects of special ecological, scientific and cultural value, and on the organization of specially protected natural areas;

53) to participate in the development of regulatory legal acts of the akimat and akim of the region on issues of environmental protection;

54) to perform other functions entrusted to the state body by the current legislation.

12. The Department has the following rights:

1) to request from organizations, enterprises of all forms of ownership and other state bodies the information necessary for the implementation of the main tasks and functions of the Department;

2) to submit proposals and participate in the preparation of materials for the development of draft legislative acts and normative and methodological documentation.

3) to participate in the meeting, discuss issues related to the activities of the Department.

4) to check the reports of enterprises, organizations relating to their environmental activities.

5) to submit proposals to the akimat of the region to improve the organizational and material and technical activities of the Department.

6) to submit proposals to the akimat of the region on the establishment of security zones with the prohibition or regulation of any activities that adversely affect the state of ecological systems.

7) to act as the organizer of public procurement of works and services;

8) to conclude agreements on environmental protection measures.

9) to open accounts and make currency transactions with CIS countries and foreign countries within the limits of their competence in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the provisions of international treaties.

10) on behalf of the oblast akim and deputy akim of the region, to represent the regional akimat on issues within the competence of the Department, in the executive authorities and other state bodies.

11) to publish newsletters, booklets, scientific and educational documents on environmental issues.

12) other rights entrusted to the state body by the current legislation.

of Mangistau region
Трумов Серикбай Утелгенович