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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
Speech of Alik Aydarbayev, Akim of Mangystau Oblast, at the meeting with the population of the region
Added: 26.06.2015
Changed: 03.11.2015
Viewed: 1287

Dear Citizents of Mangistau!

For Mangistau the last year was successful and meaningful for many reasons.

In October 2014 our region has been visited by the Head of State, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev.

The President has appraised highly the development of the Mangistau region and made a number of specific instructions and recommendations. The Head of State has approved our vision of the development of the region, and confirmed our choice of the 5 strategic directions: traditional oil and gas production, oilfield services, transport and logistics, tourism and construction.

The visit of the Head of State has given us a strong impuls to the implementation of all strategic and tactical tasks. Taking into account the special economic conditions we should maintain this dinamics as well as increase the work pace and make it effective.

In 2014 it has been done a big work which allowed to achieve positive dynamics of all economic indicators. We plan to continue our joint work. Some of the plans I have already announced.

At the extended session of the Government the President Nursultan Nazarbayev has told that the new economic conditions require new approaches  and following this direction we make adjustments to development plan of Mangistau region in the coming period.

At present the world economy is going through difficult times. It is affected by the growing influence of economical and other factors. An important indicator of the difficult situation is a sharp drop in oil prices from 102-105 dollars per barrel to 44-46 dollars per barrel.

Due to objective reasons Kazakhstan can not be affected by unpredictability of the global situation in the hydrocarbon market.

These are regular costs of our integration into the world economic system.

However, it should be noted that we are prepared for the present crisis and are able to pass the strength test with honour.

We have learned lessons from the previous turbulence in 2007-2009 caused by the overheating of the global financial system. And the National Fund timely founded by the order of the President is now a "safety cushion" and will allow us to implement many programs during this special economic period.

At present we've identified the main priorities to maintain economic and social stability of  Mangistau region.

The most important is saving jobs, preventing the growth of unemployment and the fulfillment of social obligations.

In this regard we are developing the Action Plan which includes all projects that would be realised in the region both by government and private investments.

This will give us a clear vision on what kind of jobs we will suggest to unemployed or redundant workers, which specialists we will need for a project and where we need to build a camp and to create conditions of improving labor mobility.

Solving aims and tasks defined by the plan will help to maintain the pace of development of regional economy and provide the necessary foundation for future qualitative economic growth.

What has been done?

Firstly we have went through every house of each rural settlement of the region and identified all those people who really needs work today. The monitoring of redundant and new jobs is implementing on a weekly basis .

87 memoranda of social responsibility were signed with the enterprises of the region protecting the rights of about 60 thousand workers in various sectors of the economy.

Now our main task is to monitor their implementation in order to make these memoranda been performed on a mandatory basis by all parties. This is the task of the akims of all levels.

Economy of Mangistau strongly depends on the oil and gas industry.  Thousands of our citizens and their families depend on that how the companies feel confident in our business enviroment. In this particular economic period we are working closely with oil and gas companies and service contractors.

In this regard we have repeatedly raised the issue before the Government about the neccessity of reducing taxes for large subsoil users in order to provide jobs and orders for oil workers as well as for their contractors.

Recently as a result of joint work it was decided to reduce the rate of export customs duty from 80 to 60 US dollars per ton.

With regard to companies in other industries the main task is to stimulate domestic consumption of products of our enterprises.


Firstly: by investment projects and goverment tenders for local producers. That is an increase in local content. The work has already begun.

68 memoranda for the amount of 310 billion tenge were signed between enterprises of the republic and the Oblast.

I charge S.T. Aldashev, First Deputy of Akim of the oblast, and R.M. Amirzhanov, Deputy  of Akim of the oblast, to provide monitoring of implementation of these memoranda.

Local executive authorities of the region in cooperation with business entities should carry out continuous work to prevent unjustified rise in prices on staple foods.

To this end, our efforts will be aimed for increasing food production, conducting trade fairs for selling agricultural products, signing memoranda by akimats of regions and cities with food industry enterprises and wholesale and retail trade companies regarding prices control on the consumer market (Consumer Price Index for 2014 in the region is 107 %, in Kazakhstan is 107.2 %;

on February 1, 2015, the increase of CPI as compared to the beginning of the year was in the region 100.5 %, in Kazakhstan 100.6 %;

in comparison with the beginning of the year the price growth: for flour is 0.6 % (97 tenge per 1 kg), for pasta and cereals is 1.5 % (153 tenge per 1 kg), for meat is 0.6 % (1 098 tenge per 1 kg); for dairy products is 1 % (193 tenge per 1 liter), for eggs is 2 % (214 tenge for ten);

the price reduction for sugar is 0.5 % (186 tenge per 1 kg).

Stable prices for vegetables and fruits (118 tenge onions, beets 155 tenge, potatoes  129 tenge).

Dear Citizents of Mangistau!

We are witnessing global changes that are taking place on the planet. The world has faced serious and numerous challenges.

The complex geopolitical situation in neighboring or geographically close to Kazakhstan countries forces us to take preventive measures, to react adequately and mostly important to take concrete steps to prevent a similar situation in our country.

The current economic situation is a challenge for all of us.

This is a test of our strength, endurance, resistance to stress, ability to make the right decisions and respond quickly to emerging circumstances.

As the President told: only the strong states and the solidarity of the people properly witstand the serious global challenge. And our Kazakhstan is a really strong country with strong traditions, friendly people, wise and strong president!

Dear Friends!

2015 is declared as the Year of Kazakhstan People's Assembly.

Peace, unity of the people and stability of society are our most important values.

As an example of friendship and harmony  Kazakhstan has demonstrated to the world its own unique way of development. Representatives of different ethnic groups are actively involved in the industrialization, development of entrepreneurship, education, health and sport.

The President told: "Culture of peace, spirituality and harmony are live work of all 17 million citizens who every day put their heart and soul to the prosperity of our holy land."

It was developed the Activity Plan to organise and conduct the Year of Kazakhstan People's Assembly. I am sure that not only the public authorities, but also all civil society, firstly ethnic and cultural associations, will take active part in the implementation of the Plan.

We are one family, we are one shanyrak with one goal and with shared responsibility for the welfare of all citizens.

Dear Friends!

2015 was determined by historically significant events in the life of our country.

This year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Constitution, the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War, the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate.

In this regard I appeal to all citizents of Mangistau.

Cost of the Victory is millions of lives of our fathers and grandfathers, their courage and heroism.

Today we must give special attention to our veterans and war workers. In our oblast there are left only 60 participants of the war. Let's not only during the Victory Day but also during every day life remember their merits and give them proper attention. I have no doubt that our young people will stand at the forefront of this task.

of Mangistau region
Трумов Серикбай Утелгенович